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fd.io vs cumulus vs snabb vs OVS vs OpenNSL

On Thu 2018-Jun-14 23:28:50 +0200, nanog at jack.fr.eu.org <nanog at jack.fr.eu.org> wrote:

>I currently use cumulus's software, I will then report my experience:
>not production ready
>You have a lot of features, with a fast development, but ..
>I expect my network to be a rock solid part of my infrastructure,
>especially when I am using the classic part, not the fancy ones
>When I have huge stability issue with something like bgp, what can I say
>but "get away from those software, it is not production-ready yet" ?

I'd be curious about specifics.  We've got some Cumulus with BGP and it 
hasn't given us any issues.  Granted, it's very vanilla with a couple of 
SVIs per switch and just basic IPv4 unicast and it's just a management 
network, but it hasn't caused us any issues that I'm aware of.

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