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ICANN GDPR lawsuit

man. 4. jun. 2018 20.56 skrev Daniel Corbe <dcorbe at hammerfiber.com>:

> It occurs to me that operators might want to opt-in to have their data
> published through PeeringDB.  From a purely pragmatic standpoint, I wonâ??t
> peer with anyone I canâ??t reach out to and if you donâ??t have a 24/7 NOC
> chances are good that youâ??re going to get depeered the first time thereâ??s
> a
> technical issue and I canâ??t reach you for help.
> An academic exercise, for sure.   But one that would render this line of
> thinking rather moot.

If it is a true 24/7 NOC you can not possibly expect a specific person to
answer the call. It will be whoever is on duty or on call at that time.

You do not need a name. Just the number and the email address. And that is
exactly what many operators put into peeringdb as is. No changes needed.