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Broadcom vs Mellanox based platforms

On 04/06/18 06:41, Kasper Adel wrote:
> Iâ??m thinking, how do i validate their claims about capability to do
> leaf/spine arch, ToR/Gateways, telemetry, serviceability, facilities to
> troubleshoot packet drops or FIB programming misses, hidden tools...etc

I'd start with a software vendor that supports both. The Cumulus Linux
docs are pretty good, and available online:


Caveats for Mellanox Spectrum, and various Broadcom ASICs, are usually
listed in boxouts where appropriate. There's a whole page on *tested*

The software vendors are the ones that get access to the people at both
companies that /really/ know where the limitations are, so you're more
likely to find the best information dealing with one of them.