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ICANN GDPR lawsuit

On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 8:47 AM, Stephen Satchell <list at satchell.net> wrote:
> In other words, how do you do your job in light of the GDPR restrictions
> on accessing contact information for other network operators?
> Please be specific.  A lot of NOC policies and procedures will need to
> be updated.

Publish role accounts in whois instead of personal information?

Sorry, I don't mean to break up an energetic tirade but a phone number
is not PII when it's attached to "hostmaster" instead of "John Doe".
You and I like knowing that there's a specific person there and it
certainly helps when auditing public policy compliance but as a
technical matter contact doesn't have to work that way.

I noticed that Namecheap solved their GDPR problem by simply making
their "WhoisGuard" product free.

Bill Herrin

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