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ICANN GDPR lawsuit

On 06/01/2018 08:47 AM, Stephen Satchell wrote:
> On 06/01/2018 05:24 AM, niels=nanog at bakker.net wrote:
>> * hank at efes.iucc.ac.il (Hank Nussbacher) [Fri 01 Jun 2018, 06:56 CEST]:
>>> The entire whois debacle will only get resolved when some hackers attack
>>> www.eugdpr.org, ec.europa.eu and some other key .eu sites.  When the
>>> response they get will be "sorry, we can't determine who is attacking
>>> you since that contravenes GDPR", will the EU light bulb go on that
>>> something in GDPR needs to be tweaked.
>> Please stop inciting lawbreaking, and stop spreading long debunked
>> talking points.  Both are really inappropriate for this list.
> OK, then let's talk about something that IS appropriate for this list.
> How does your shop, Niels, go about making contact with an operator that
> is hijacking one of your netblocks, or is doing something weird with
> routing that is causing your customers problems, or has broken BGP?
> I will say right now that in large shops, the owner is NOT the right
> contact.  In fact, if things are broken enough you may not be able to
> send email to the owner -- he could be isolated.  The registration
> authorities want the owner contact for legal reasons.  We poor sods in
> the trenches need tech contacts, preferably contacts with clue.
> In other words, how do you do your job in light of the GDPR restrictions
> on accessing contact information for other network operators?
> Please be specific.  A lot of NOC policies and procedures will need to
> be updated.
> Right now my policies and procedures book says to use WHOIS.  What needs
> to change?

$dayjob has approaching 800 domains registered, of which a handful are 
set up for email and the hostmaster address was on only one of those. We 
only discovered the problem when a certificate authority attempted to 
contact us for one of the other domains. At that point I found that 
Network Solutions had removed all our contact information and trying to 
find someone with a clue at NetSol is nigh on impossible.

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