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BGP Community Support WAS: Re: Cogent vs. HE ;-) WAS: Anyone using Cogent Ethernet

Knowing the relationship between my provider and whomever they are learning the route from is handy. It allows me to do things such as filter on those communities for passing prefixes down into less capable hardware. I may elect to pass customer or customer and peering routes from a given provider down into routers throughout my network with limited FIB capability. They can decide which way to send traffic that should be immediately apparent where the best path is, while leaving the provider edge routers to decide for prefixes beyond that. Say a CCR or a switch with some layer 3 capabilities. 

Then obviously things like blackhole and (local_pref, prepend, no export, etc. per AS). 

The above I'd say is rather important. The next step would be location-aware stuff in the presentation that would be nice to have. If your provider is having an issue with an upstream or peer in a given city\region, being able to avoid that would be nice. Of course that assumes you figure out their problem and the work-around before they're able to fix it themselves. Well, assuming it's a short-term issue, anyway. If it's a constant issue, your provider isn't likely to fix it faster than you because they're not fixing it at all. 

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I've seen the onestep list but the presentation is helpful. I guess my question was moreso to the people side of communities vs the technicalities of communities - what ones do people find themselves using most often and what do they wish was available from providers that really isn't otherwise out there? 

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These? :-) 


you could also probably get some good examples cribbed from the collection: