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Anyone else blacklisted this morning by rbl.iprange.net?

On Tue, 2 Jan 2018, Mel Beckman wrote:

> I woke up this morning to a barrage of complaints from users that our mail servers' outbound emails are bouncing due to a blacklisting. Sure enough, mxtoolbox.com<http://mxtoolbox.com> reports that rbl.iprange.net<http://rbl.iprange.net> has blacklisted us for more than a day. However, looking up our address on the rbl.iprange.net<http://rbl.iprange.net> lookup webpage shows we're NOT listed. But a check of the RBL's DNS shows that we are. Then I found this on the rbl.iprange.net<http://rbl.iprange.net> owner's website ():
> "rbl.iprange.net<http://rbl.iprange.net> (is offline since 01-01-2018) please replace it with rbl.realtimeblacklist.com<http://rbl.realtimeblacklist.com>
> rbl.iprange.net<http://rbl.iprange.net> will mark every ip address as listed to force removal of this server."
> What the heck? I've tried contacting realtimeblacklisk.com<http://realtimeblacklisk.com>, but they're in the Netherlands and apparently fast asleep (in more ways than one, it seems).

If you do manage to get ahold of anyone there, you might suggest they read 
section 3.4 of


There's a right way to shut down a DNSBL that's been tested and used by 
others.  Listing the world is not the right way.

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