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Standard terminology for a dark fiber path?

On 2/24/2016 14:55, Fletcher Kittredge wrote:
> What is the standard terminology for strands of dark fiber spliced together
> to form a continuous path between points A and Z?
> I have seen:
>     - *fiber circuit* [but also seen used to denote a connection at the
>     network layer over a physical fiber connection. This definition of circuit
>     would include the dark fiber path, the transmitters and receivers and logic
>     making up the data and network layers.]
>     - *fiber loop *[ Does a loop define an electrical circuit with two
>     physically separate positive and negative strands? In that case, is this a
>     Bellhead remnant? ]
> I am particularly interested in last mile systems, but I don't see any
> reason that the term wouldn't be the same in the middle mile.

What do you call it if it is made out of copper instead of glass?  Or air?

I don't see anything wrong with "fiber path".

(Answering my own question, maybe:  "dry pair from A to B". 
"[Microwave] Radio link between A and B.")

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