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PCH Peering Paper

How does it look when you examine it by not the count of sessions or links
but by the volume of overall data? I wonder if it may change a little like
50% of the volume of traffic is covered by a handshake. (I made 50% up -
could be any percentage.)


>On 2/10/16, 6:34 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Patrick W. Gilmore"
><nanog-bounces at nanog.org on behalf of patrick at ianai.net> wrote:
>>I quoted a PCH peering paper at the Peering Track. (Not violating rules,
>>talking about myself.)
>>The paper is:
>>	https://www.pch.net/resources/Papers/peering-survey/PCH-Peering-Survey-2
>>I said ?99.97%? of all peering sessions have nothing behind them more
>>than a ?handshake? or an email. It seems I was in error. Mea Culpa.
>>The number in the paper, on page one is, 99.52%.
>>Hopefully everyone will read the paper, and perhaps help create better