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PCH Peering Paper

On 11/02/16 00:34, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> I quoted a PCH peering paper at the Peering Track. (Not violating rules, talking about myself.)
> The paper is:
> 	https://www.pch.net/resources/Papers/peering-survey/PCH-Peering-Survey-2011.pdf
> I said ?99.97%? of all peering sessions have nothing behind them more than a ?handshake? or an email. It seems I was in error. Mea Culpa.
> The number in the paper, on page one is, 99.52%.
> Hopefully everyone will read the paper, and perhaps help create better data.

Well, how about crowdsourcing some data?

3145 eBGP settlement-free peering-sessions (v4 and v6 combined) in US and EU. 350k routes recieved over SFI peering.

1 Written contract in EU for SFI
1 Written contract in US for SFI

R&E Sector

Apparently not a peering coordinator.
Fredrik "hugge" Korsb?ck