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Arista unqualified SFP

On 18/08/16 14:45, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 18/Aug/16 14:42, Nick Hilliard wrote:
>> It is always better to clarify this sort of thing with the account
>> management team before purchasing, and preferably have it in email or
>> writing.  After that, the best approach is to ask support and/or account
>> management nicely rather than "bitching and moaning" as someone else
>> suggested - diplomacy is usually a better long term basis for having a
>> good relationship with your vendor.  Often it's useful to point out
>> discussions like this which indicate that it's been enabled for other
>> people.
> +1.
> We politely said to Arista, "We like your box, but we're afraid that if
> we can't use our existing optics, we'd all miss out on a good
> opportunity working together".
> That did the job.
> Mark.

I think someone from Arista said...

"We are never going to lose an affair due to not supporting 3-d party optics, but we will try to convince the customer to buy our stuff, since that's what we do, we sell stuff".

In these cheap arista switches, filling them with optics (if the optics is from ANET themselves) is usually the same cost as buying like five switches, so of course they want a share of that and they will try to convince you that 3rd party optics will make the switch go up in flames etc etc.

So its kinda easy... just present three choices.

1. Arista Switch + Arista Optics (at the same price as your favourite 3rd party vendor)
2. Arista Switch + 3rd party optics
3. No Arista switch.

I know which one you are gonna get.