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Arista unqualified SFP

> Your AM team will gladly unlock this for you.
> This is probably just a procedural issue with Arista TAC not knowing the
> secret sauce.

That's not the answer I got at all from Arista:

"I understand that Arista TAC indicated that <SE> could provide you with a
transceiver unlock code. While it is true that the unlock code concept
exists, it is very unusual for us to unlock optics on switches. We?d be
happy to talk with you further about this in person. "

Followup was:

"As I'm sure you know, Arista is not the only manufacturer that has made
this choice. Unlike our competition, we work to make our optics pricing
competitive, but we'll never be as low as the "Taiwan specials" that you
see floating around. I have another customer that was flashing white label
optics that just made the decision to start using Arista labeled optics
again because they were tired of bad quality."

They basically said we'll sell you 10x priced optics instead of 100x and
we're awesome because we do that. No unlock for you, buy our slightly
cheaper OEM optics instead.