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DNS Services for a registrar

Even for registrars?

Because OP's question was
 > We need to provide DNS services for domains we offer as a registrar.

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On 12.8.2016 22:11, Justin Paine via NANOG wrote:
> I won't push further than this -- but it seems a bit silly not to
> mention that CloudFlare provides free AnyCast DNS. You can elect not
> to even use any of our caching if you just want to use us for DNS.
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> On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 12:24 PM, Peter Beckman <beckman at angryox.com> wrote:
>> If there are other metrics in which to measure DNS speed, availability and
>> redundancy, I'd love to seeing them. I have but my own datapoint and the
>> metrics from others. Tear down the testing model, but at least show a
>> different/better one in return.
>> On Fri, 12 Aug 2016, Keith Stokes wrote:
>>> Route53 can get expensive for lots of domains. Queries are cheap with the
>>> first 1M free, but if you have 1000 domains you?ll pay $500/month.
>>> You can build dedicated servers in multiple AZs and data centers able to
>>> handle that many domains for far less.
>>> You might also consider running dedicated servers in each of AWS and
>>> Azure to avoid a single-provider failure.
>> Having worked for AWS, there is no "global" control plane that would bring
>> two regions down at the same time. While possible, due to say a targeted
>> successful attack on both regions simultaneously, highly unlikely. Control
>> and data plane software updates and deployments are done regionally, and
>> often on an Availability Zone basis where applicable, to ensure there are
>> no defects.  Automation measures and will automatically roll back code that
>> breaks deployment metrics.
>> It's pretty sweet. Their internal tools team does amazing things with
>> automation.
>> Route53 is $0.50 per month per "zone" (domain) for the FIRST 25, then $0.10
>> per month per zone after that. 1000 domains would be $110 a month, not
>> $500. 500 million queries at $0.40 per million, another $200/month.
>> Who knows if you need that much, but it is pretty affordable.
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