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DNS Services for a registrar

I won't push further than this -- but it seems a bit silly not to
mention that CloudFlare provides free AnyCast DNS. You can elect not
to even use any of our caching if you just want to use us for DNS.


Justin Paine
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On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 12:24 PM, Peter Beckman <beckman at angryox.com> wrote:
> If there are other metrics in which to measure DNS speed, availability and
> redundancy, I'd love to seeing them. I have but my own datapoint and the
> metrics from others. Tear down the testing model, but at least show a
> different/better one in return.
> On Fri, 12 Aug 2016, Keith Stokes wrote:
>> Route53 can get expensive for lots of domains. Queries are cheap with the
>> first 1M free, but if you have 1000 domains you?ll pay $500/month.
>> You can build dedicated servers in multiple AZs and data centers able to
>> handle that many domains for far less.
>> You might also consider running dedicated servers in each of AWS and
>> Azure to avoid a single-provider failure.
> Having worked for AWS, there is no "global" control plane that would bring
> two regions down at the same time. While possible, due to say a targeted
> successful attack on both regions simultaneously, highly unlikely. Control
> and data plane software updates and deployments are done regionally, and
> often on an Availability Zone basis where applicable, to ensure there are
> no defects.  Automation measures and will automatically roll back code that
> breaks deployment metrics.
> It's pretty sweet. Their internal tools team does amazing things with
> automation.
> Route53 is $0.50 per month per "zone" (domain) for the FIRST 25, then $0.10
> per month per zone after that. 1000 domains would be $110 a month, not
> $500. 500 million queries at $0.40 per million, another $200/month.
> Who knows if you need that much, but it is pretty affordable.
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