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    Those are still current here =D

    But yes 12.x or 15.x XOS has support, but only for official EN optics.

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On 08/02/16 02:17, Paul Thornton wrote:
> Hi
> On 01/08/2016 23:39, Mike Hammett wrote:
>> Can those that ran switches with ExtremeWare on them remember that
>> far back?
> Just about.
>> I've got a Summit 400t-48 and I can't seem figure out how to get DDM
>> information from the SFP. Did they have that ability?
> They probably do, but only in the deep runic debug mode (nofeep) which
> was never a recommended practice unless you had the TAC on the
> 'phone.  I have a couple of old 48si boxes hanging around in the lab
> LAN - Extremeware 7.8.4 certainly doesn't understand "show port n
> transceiver".  I think this is XOS only.
> Paul.