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Route leaks from AS9498 (BHARTI Airtel)?

Is anyone else seeing their routes leaked from AS9498 (BHARTI Airtel) in

According to bgpmon.net they started leaking our Level 3 provided IP space
at 2015-11-06 05:52 UTC.  Oddly, they're not leaking our ARIN assigned IP
blocks but our prefixes inside the range they are (

BGPmon shows less of their probes are now showing the announcement and we
haven't seen a noticeable hit in overall traffic levels.

Has anyone else seen this route leak?  Is it somehow specific to just the
big Level 3 blocks? ( and  I figured NANOG would have
a thread on it already but haven't heard a whisper (unless all the new guys
like me are being modded thanks to the spam incident).


--Andrew Duey