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Dear NANOG Gods

Subject: Re: Dear NANOG Gods Date: Tue, May 21, 2013 at 02:56:22PM -0400 Quoting Joe Abley (jabley at hopcount.ca):
> The last time we had to ship a number of (Dell, actually) boxes from ICANN in LA we bought some flight cases that we could rack the servers into. Our thought was to go for reusable, rather than one-off (and we had doubts about the state of the boxes upon arrival if they weren't securely packed; a flight case with 19" rails inside seemed like a good bet).

If survivability is important, I like CP Cases: 


More expensive than SKB, but they bounce when dropped. And preserve the
stuff inside.

One probably should opt for removing PSU and drives if shipping is
expected to be very rough.

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