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Dear NANOG Gods

On Tue, 21 May 2013, Joe Abley wrote:

> The last time we had to ship a number of (Dell, actually) boxes from 
> ICANN in LA we bought some flight cases that we could rack the servers 
> into. Our thought was to go for reusable, rather than one-off (and we 
> had doubts about the state of the boxes upon arrival if they weren't 
> securely packed; a flight case with 19" rails inside seemed like a good 
> bet).
> We found the flight cases with only minimal googling, but if you're 
> having trouble Mehmet could no doubt hook you up.
> And if you're close to El Segundo and we can get the flight case back 
> when you're done, you could probably just borrow ours :-)

There a number of vendors that can either custom-build cases, or might 
have something off-the-shelf that will work, and meet ATA300/Milspec 

Calzone Cases - http://www.calzonecases.com/
Jan-Al Cases - http://www.janalcase.com/
Pelican-Hardigg - http://www.pelican.com/

NOTE: I use several different types of road/flight cases for transporting 
audio gear for $sidejob.

Fair warning: A case that provides the level of cushioning and impact 
protection you're looking for is likely to be heavy - possibly as heavy as 
the server itself.