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Variety, On The Media, don't understand the Internet

Maybe we should try poetry,

Human, you tied the soul, 
You will not behold joy if you break down that wall, 
So why the leaving beam is calling you, 
Brick by brick, slowly one by one, ... 
hoping to at least catch a glimpse of ray. 

Translated from: 
(Life ... in a nest of copper)
By: Rikin


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On May 15, 2013, at 09:59 , Jean-Francois Mezei
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> On 13-05-15 09:02, Brett Frankenberger wrote:
>> So it's only on the Internet if it uses a provider's transit capacity?

All of this is leading me to the following conclusion:

If we, as network engineers can't agree on the nature and definition of the
internet, how can we possibly expect the media to understand it?