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Looking for Netflow analysis package

I'd also suggest looking at NetFlow Auditor:


I think it will do all of those except AS path analysis.

Another good option might also be the InterNAP FCP, which does all of that
PLUS optimizes routing based on the data (can also be deployed in a preview

Good luck,


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Subject: Looking for Netflow analysis package

Does anyone know of a netflow collector that will do the following.
*Graph/List Destination Networks By Top AS *Graph/List Destination Networks
By Top IP Address *AS Path Analysis *Traffic Type (ICMP, TCP, UDP, IPSEC,
HTTP, SSH, SMTP, etc..)

We will be using this to help us decide who to Peer with and what transit
Providers to look at.

I am familiar with Arbor Network's Peak Flow utility but it's a little too
I also found AS-Stats https://neon1.net/as-stats/ look promising from the
power point on their page.



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