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Variety, On The Media, don't understand the Internet

On 13-05-15 06:24, james at towardex.com wrote:

> We're a small ISP and we reach lot of content via peering just fine.  Lot of
> these contents that you speak of (Netflix, Akamai, et al) have open peering
> policies and are present in more exchange points than anybody else.

Not all ISPs are fortunate enough to be in a town where there is an
active exchange with Netflix/Akamai/Google presence.

For instance, Montr?al just recently oopened a peering exchange. While
this will eventually allow local ISPs to peer with the big content
providers, until this happens, small ISPs have to get that content via
paid transit links.

Toronto has "local" content available via peering so smaller ISPs can
benefit from that.  But not every city has that chance.

Netflix's policy does require a minimum amount of traffic before an ISP
can deploy an Open Connect appliance. So smaller ISPs are at a
disadvantage if they are located in a city without CDN presence.