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Entry level WDM gear?

Hi Jeff,

Cisco make a passive CWDM/EWDM solution for this.


You need to order a CWDM-MUX8A= for each end, plus the CWDM-CHASSIS-2= to rack-mount them.

Then, plug your dark fibre into the trunk port of each mux, and use pairs of coloured optics instead of your ER.

The muxes carry 8xlambdas: 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, and 1610.  I don't believe Cisco make CWDM 10G optics however, so you may have to get compatible optics.

For 8 additional wavelengths, you could also insert an EWDM mux into the path at each end:
ie. a EWDM-MUX8= for each end - it fits into the same rack-mount chassis.

This allows you to carry 8 more channels, at DWDM spacings: 1538.98, 1539.77 etc.  Cisco do make 10G optics at these wavelengths; X2, Xenpak etc.

Having both types of mux in the path can add a fair bit of loss though, and there's an optional amplifier unit which can be plugged into the EWDM muxes: EWDM-OA=.  



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> Apologies if this is a "dumb newbie" question, but this is one area of
> networking where I remain a virgin :)
> We have a local loop fiber to a regional fiber hut that has served us well for
> several years.  It's carrying a 1550nm ER 10G circuit at the moment, but we're
> looking at another one, possibly two (or more) in the near future.  Getting
> another dark pair is "complicated" so we're exploring options to [C|D]WDM
> multiple lambdas over the existing fiber.
> Ciena/Cyan/etc are way over our non-existant budget...  what is the going
> recommendation to throw say 4-8 lambdas over a dark pair without breaking
> the bank?  :)
> Jeff