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Per Site QOS policy with Cisco IOS-XE


If the router is running HQF code for QoS [really anything later then
12.4(20)T], it should support this kind of hierarchy. It's a common policy
I have customers implement all the time.


On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 10:54 AM, Wes Tribble <westribble at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tyler,
> I would love to implement a policy similar to that one.  Unfortunately, I
> don't believe you can have two tiers of shaping like that in a policy.
> Most of the two-tiered shaping solutions I have seen involve using a VRF to
> shape to the aggregate rate and then use a second VRF to shape to the site
> rate.  This is to get around the three-tier policy limitations.
> With that said, if you have something like that configured and working, I
> would love to see the config and the "show policy-map interface" output.
> That is exactly the kind of policy I was originally looking to implement,
> but then I ran into those limitations.
> Thanks for the reply.  Great idea in concept.  If only we could implement.