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Andros Island Connectivity?

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Seastrom! ;)

On 4/30/13 7:02 PM, "Joel M Snyder" <jms at opus1.com> wrote:

>> Protracted discussion (and promotion) has glossed over one key point:
>>>> None of the people on-site are technical, and all their data is
>>>> via RDP on a server in the United States.
>> They will not be happy with VSAT latency (typically 700ms though
>> physics says you can never do better than 550, and that's for the
>> space segment alone) if they are running RDP, VNC, Citrix, or similar
>> technologies.  Sorry for being a buzzkill, Warren.  :)
>Actually, Citrix (in particular) works quite well over satellite
>latencies.  The network project I'm working on right now is wrapping up
>an app rollout to about 100 countries, many of which we can only reach
>via VSAT.  Testing showed that Citrix performance is much better for
>AJAX-y web apps than pure HTTP.
>Citrix has a bunch of intelligence built-in specifically to deal with
>issues related to high-latency/low-bandwidth circuits, including local
>mouse, local echo, click/movement aggregation into large packets, and of
>course compression-before-encryption.  It's not quite Memorex, but it's
>very usable.
>I'd be happy to share the data with anyone who is interested; I also
>showed that F5 Big-IP load balancers can make really horrible ERP apps
>(*ahem* Oracle eBusiness *cough* *cough* *cough*) work a lot better as
>well, if you decide not to use Citrix.
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