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Andros Island Connectivity?

Joel M Snyder <Joel.Snyder at Opus1.COM> writes:

> Actually, Citrix (in particular) works quite well over satellite
> latencies.  The network project I'm working on right now is wrapping
> up an app rollout to about 100 countries, many of which we can only
> reach via VSAT.  Testing showed that Citrix performance is much better
> for AJAX-y web apps than pure HTTP.
> Citrix has a bunch of intelligence built-in specifically to deal with
> issues related to high-latency/low-bandwidth circuits, including local
> mouse, local echo, click/movement aggregation into large packets, and
> of course compression-before-encryption.  It's not quite Memorex, but
> it's very usable.

That's good to know that it's evolved so well.  Painful, almost
repressed memories suggest that it wasn't always so good.