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Andros Island Connectivity?


Actually, we use some TCP ninja techniques to make Citrix/RDP work.
Basically, we ack the packets on both sides to prevent the delay from
occurring. It's kind of like acceleration, except there aren't really any
devices in between the session. There is a single box at the transmit
station (we call it a hub) and nothing on the other side.

And for the record, you're never a buzzkill Rob. I live with latency every
day, she's a decent girl when you treat her right.. ;)

On 4/30/13 6:13 PM, "Rob Seastrom" <rs at seastrom.com> wrote:

>Protracted discussion (and promotion) has glossed over one key point:
>>> None of the people on-site are technical, and all their data is
>>> via RDP on a server in the United States.
>They will not be happy with VSAT latency (typically 700ms though
>physics says you can never do better than 550, and that's for the
>space segment alone) if they are running RDP, VNC, Citrix, or similar
>technologies.  Sorry for being a buzzkill, Warren.  :)