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Open Resolver Problems

Op 27-03-13 16:54, Owen DeLong schreef:
> It's been available in linux for a long time, just not in BIND?

Not entirely true:

> Here is a working ip6tales example:

There is also the 'hashlimit' module (at least for v4, not sure about
v6), that may be a better approach, because it works on a 'per ip

See https://lists.isc.org/pipermail/bind-users/2012-July/088223.html for
some inspiration of how it may be of value.


On Mar 27, 2013, at 6:47 AM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 10:07 PM, Tom Paseka <tom at cloudflare.com> wrote:
>>> Authoritative DNS servers need to implement rate limiting. (a client
>>> shouldn't query you twice for the same thing within its TTL).
>> Right now that's a complaint for the mainstream software authors, not
>> for the system operators. When the version of Bind in Debian Stable
>> implements this feature, I'll surely turn it on.
>> Regards,
>> Bill Herrin
>> -- 
>> William D. Herrin ................ herrin at dirtside.com  bill at herrin.us
>> 3005 Crane Dr. ...................... Web: <http://bill.herrin.us/>
>> Falls Church, VA 22042-3004

Marco Davids

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