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Question on Ipv6 address

In message <8E071111C7D8154CA69338DDF94ACF99E9F6958FF9 at ex02mail01.ad.rit.edu>, 
Mark Jeremy writes:
> Justin,
> Dial-up modem is just a layer 2 device with no IP address. Just think of =
> it
> as a converter, its sole function is to convert the telephone line to
> something your PC can use, in this case, Ethernet. Both IPv4 and IPv6
> operate on the layer 3 of the OSI model which is taken care of by the =
> RAS.
> So basically any dial-up modem support IPv6.

This doesn't however mean that the equipment connected to the dialup
modem supports IPv6.  ISP still need to check this part of the
picture.  Old PPP implementations may be IPv4 only.

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