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Question on Ipv6 address

I'm new to Ipv6 and trying to understanding something about IPv6 in service provider network.
I've got the following questions , could anybody do some helps?
1. In a dial-up network (Q-in-Q for each customer who dials in )      Should each customer be assigned to ipv6 subnet prefix like /64 unique universily?  I've read   a rfc which stated point-to-point like should be assigned /64. But to my understanding, in dial-up   network , each user should only needed to be assigned a single ipv4 address, with wich customer   could used in his PC or his home router. 
2. In dial-up network,  could each vlan's ipv6 link-id  be planned with its vlan number?     if so,  IP v6 address confliction could be avoided when  BAS is assigned a /64 or longer prefix.
3. we are testing some BAS with IPv6 accessing, in radius accouting packets, there is     IP-v6-prefix, Ip-v6-link-id, Ip-v6-delegated-prefix.    how could dial-up PC's  IPv6    address be calculated with above information?
4. should it be necessary to plan  different IP-v6-prefix(IP-v6-delegated-prefix) for each dial-up customers  in BAS?
5. How could delegated IPv6 prefix be used in service provider's network? is this useful in dial-up access network?

each word will be highly appreciated.