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Why are there no GeoDNS solutions anywhere in sight?

On Thu, 21 Mar 2013, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:
> Why is it impractical?  If I have a server in Germany and in Quebec,
> why would it be impractical to have the logic in place such that
> European visitors would be contacting the server in Germany, and
> visitors from US/Canada -- the one in Quebec?

But what if the server in Quebec is a little VPS on a 10Mb/s link while 
the one in Germany is a rack of servers on a 10Gb/s link?

What if I just want the server in Quebec to serve people from Canada and 
the one in Germany serves the rest of the world?

What if it is 4am in Quebec but 9am in Germany? (it is right now)

What if I have half a dozen pops worldwide?

What if I have 20? 200? 2000?

What is closer to a user in New Zealand, A Pop in Japan, Singapore or LA?

The main thing with GSLB is:

The little guys don't need it,
The medium sized sites outsource,
The big guys roll their own.

Personally I outsource and it works very well.

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