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routing table go boom

On 3/20/13 11:30 AM, Mike wrote:
> 	I appreciate everyones comments on this issue but I think you
> nay-sayers are going to lose. I think the future of the internet is
> distributed routing where the end points ultimately decide how their
> packets flow. I think joe 6-pack should in fact be able to be connected
> to as many providers as he wants, should be able to specify any mixture
> of connections from consumer dsl to carrier ethernet or beyond, and have
> the same level of service as multi-homed bgp speaking networks do today
> in terms of route diversity, fail-over and 'portability' (in terms of
> bringing your netblocks to another provider). Not a troll, just looking
> at the future here.

Why did I just suddenly have a flashback to this?


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