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routing table go boom

Dobbins, Roland wrote:

> The *actual* end-to-end principle states that whenever
> possible and whenever it makes sense, application-specific
> functionality ought to be incorporated into end-nodes
> rather than into intermediary systems.


See below how it is stated.

> b) LISP is closer to adherence to the end-to-end principle
> than the current routing system.

W.r.t. multihoming, neither follows the end to end principle of:

   The function in question can completely and correctly be
   implemented only with the knowledge and help of the
   application standing at the endpoints of the communication
   system. Therefore, providing that questioned function as a
   feature of the communication system itself is not possible.
   (Sometimes an incomplete version of the function provided
   by the communication system may be useful as a performance

				Masataka Ohta