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What do you have in your datacenters' toolbox?

Given that you are stocking exactly one toolchest in a 3rd world
country, and you only get one shot at it...

Depending on your budget and how many people will have access to these
tools, you might consider getting 2 or 3 of everything, and keeping
the second and possibly third set under lock and key, and not telling
anyone about its existence.  Then, if something does go walkabout, and
you have to get the 2nd set of something out, you have time to order a
replacement for the first, and will still have a backup if the 2nd set
goes walkabout before it arrives.

This is not because people are dishonest.  It is because people are forgetful.

She says, having worked in 3rd world countries like...Texas and New
Zealand.  :( Oh, and one of those BIG lighted magnifying glasses that
are bolted to your bench are very useful for reading the codes on
boards and chips when it comes time to repair things, or check parts
coming in the door.   A soldering set.  A nice Fluke