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What do you have in your datacenters' toolbox?

On 3/15/2013 9:26 AM, Adrian Farrel wrote:
>>>> But really: a power screwdriver, a bag of
>>>> #2 bits, and a 12" extender> > are 85% of it. ;-)
>>> I mostly get by with just a screwdriver. Powered
>> screwdrivers annoy the> hell out of me in almost all cases.
>> [WEG] The rule of thumb for most places I've worked has been that power
>> screwdrivers are only acceptable for *removing* screws, at least where the
>> electronic contents of a datacenter are concerned. Using a power
>> screwdriver to install/tighten machine screws carries a nasty risk of
>> cross-threading, or stripping, or snapping the heads off of the screws on
>> something important, leading to unrecoverable problems with expensive
>> modules that you can no longer easily remove to replace when the need
>> arises.
> So you would recommend using a virtual screwdriver in the datacenter?
> Adrian

No, obviously you take the government approach and just outsource all 
screw-related activities (including screwing up) to "the experts" (i.e. 
outside contractors).  ;)

- Pete

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