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Time Warner Cable YouTube throttling

Jumping on the bandwagon. I have not had the chance to follow the entire thread but have seen this behavior from AT&T Uverse, Time Warner, and Verizon FIOS. I believed initially this was a capacity issue with Google and Youtube. The reason for this thought is fairly simple with no scientific troubleshooting invested at this time. I can replicate slowness on AT&T Uverse and Time Warner at the exact same times, the anomoly is Verizon FIOS does not align with the other two. 

When there is slowness on Uverse 99% of the time my Time Warner connections to Youtube will be slow as well even if you are streaming different video's.

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We have recently been having some serious speed issues with YouTube on our home connections, which are all Time Warner Cable.
Some searching on forums and such revealed a work around:

Block at the router.

This makes speeds go from ~1 Mb/s to the full connection speed (30 Mb/s in my case). It appears that TWC is forcing traffic to this netblock over a congested link, or otherwise throttling it.

Trying to communicate this to tech support results in the typical "Derrr, what?"

Does anyone at Time Warner care to comment on WTF?