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cannot access some popular websites from Linode, geolocation is wrong, ARIN is to blame?

On 2 March 2013 15:45, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:
>> Now, back to ARIN:  is Linode doing it right?  Is vr.org doing it
>> wrong?  Are they both doing it correct, or are they both wrong?
> ARIN Policies do require Linode to SWIP their customer allocations,
> so the fact that they are not doing so is actually a violation of policy.

They have repeatedly disagreed, on two separate occasions, effectively
claiming they themselves are the customers:

>>>> We now get all of our addresses assigned directly to us which is why our address is listed, however we still have some IP addresses in our pool with ...

So, the "new" addresses are all assigned directly to them.

> Linode (and VR) probably shouldn't SWIP their datacenter blocks,
> but this isn't really covered in policy one way or the other.
>> Anyhow.  How do I get my geoloc to show Fremont, CA?  And to have yelp
>> stop returning 403 Forbidden?
> Get Linode to SWIP your blocks for starters.

Could work with IPv6, since I have a /56 from them, but I only have a
single IPv4, so, per my understanding, an IPv4 SWIP is not possible.