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"It's the end of the world as we know it" -- REM

On Apr 26, 2013, at 10:23 AM, Chris Grundemann <cgrundemann at gmail.com> wrote:
> One interesting twist in all of this is that several of these new
> "slow-start" players in the ARIN region seem to be servicing customers
> outside of the region with equipment and services hosted here inside
> the ARIN region (see slide 12 on the ARIN 31 "Policy Implementation
> and Experience Report"
> https://www.arin.net/participate/meetings/reports/ARIN_31/PDF/monday/nobile_policy.pdf).

NANOG Folks - 

Please read this slide deck, section noted by Chris.  It explains the
"situation"...  (I would not call the sudden acceleration in IP address 
issuance a problem, per se, as that is an judgement for the community 
either way.)


John Curran
President and CEO