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Inter-domain OTN, does it happen in the real world?

Will, I think you also need to consider the case where one operator runs more
than one network.
This can happen because of acquisition or administrative structure.
I regret it might also happen because of vendor equipment compatibility/lock-in


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> Subject: Inter-domain OTN, does it happen in the real world?
> Reading about OTN networks, I see that "IrDI" is specified to handle the case
> where one OTN network needs to connect to another natively with OTN signals.
> Is this done in the real world? Does OTN network operator A ever go to OTN
> network operator B and say, "I'd like to buy a OTU2 from city X to city Y on
> long haul network (at buildings J and K where we can connect simply with
> short-distance SMF/1310 signals), and what TCM levels can you give me?"
> I understand this in the case of lit 10GbE-WANPHY, LAN, and OC-192, but are
> "lit" signals bought and sold wholesale this way too? Is there generally a
> premium over the more normal client signals?
> -Will Orton