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Inter-domain OTN, does it happen in the real world?

Reading about OTN networks, I see that "IrDI" is specified to handle the case 
where one OTN network needs to connect to another natively with OTN signals.

Is this done in the real world? Does OTN network operator A ever go to OTN 
network operator B and say, "I'd like to buy a OTU2 from city X to city Y on your 
long haul network (at buildings J and K where we can connect simply with 
short-distance SMF/1310 signals), and what TCM levels can you give me?"

I understand this in the case of lit 10GbE-WANPHY, LAN, and OC-192, but are OTU 
"lit" signals bought and sold wholesale this way too? Is there generally a price 
premium over the more normal client signals?

-Will Orton