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Cost of fiber run between neighbouring office buildings

Second what Nick said.  Also, get quotes for double, quadruple, and
more of the number of fibers you think you need today.  If it makes
economic sense to leave strands unterminated (coil neatly in the
splice tray and have someone term later) by all means do it.  Extra
strands in the cable are almost free compared to the labor to pull it


Nick Hilliard <nick at foobar.org> writes:

> On 02/10/2012 13:35, Hank Disuko wrote:
>>  - 2 x 6-Strand 50/125u multimode, Tight Buffered, Armoured, Laser Ultra-Fox Fiber cables
>>  - Distance of run is approx 520 meters
> For that length, go with single-mode.  10G-LR will happily run on 10km of
> SMF, but 10G-SR flakes out at ~300m even on OM3.  Laying outdoor MMF plant
> like this is totally pointless.  Using MMF for anything outside your
> cabinet / small cage is creating a legacy deployment on day 1 which will
> bite you in future years.
> To answer the question you asked: if the ducts are already in place and
> you're just pulling fibre through, you should have a breakdown in terms of
> # of terminations + the manpower required to handle the pull + cable
> finishing.  I.e. it shouldn't be very much.  If you need ducting laid or if
> your existing ducting is in poor shape, that's a different issue.
> Nick