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Cost of fiber run between neighbouring office buildings

On 02/10/2012 13:35, Hank Disuko wrote:
>  - 2 x 6-Strand 50/125u multimode, Tight Buffered, Armoured, Laser Ultra-Fox Fiber cables
>  - Distance of run is approx 520 meters

For that length, go with single-mode.  10G-LR will happily run on 10km of
SMF, but 10G-SR flakes out at ~300m even on OM3.  Laying outdoor MMF plant
like this is totally pointless.  Using MMF for anything outside your
cabinet / small cage is creating a legacy deployment on day 1 which will
bite you in future years.

To answer the question you asked: if the ducts are already in place and
you're just pulling fibre through, you should have a breakdown in terms of
# of terminations + the manpower required to handle the pull + cable
finishing.  I.e. it shouldn't be very much.  If you need ducting laid or if
your existing ducting is in poor shape, that's a different issue.