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carping about CARP

On Sat, Dec 01, 2012 at 02:05:14AM +1030, David Walker wrote:
> As far as not using the same protocol number, that's neither here nor there.

Horse pucky.  On the Internet, the secure and reliable players
co-ordinate their protocol actions through the IANA, using the
published IANA rules for how you get a protocol identifier.  This case
is a straightforward example of a bunch of people angry at things not
going their way, and treading all over a well-defined, open process
becuse they didn't like the actions of some of the participants.

I don't like those actions either, but if proponents cannot bother to
publish an Internet-Draft describing CARP, it's pretty hard to take
CARP seriously as anything like a "protocol".  It's just rude
behaviour on someone else's well-defined port. 


Andrew Sullivan
Dyn Labs
asullivan at dyn.com