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"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 5:18 PM, Randy <nanog at afxr.net> wrote:
> -
> Well I want to add my 10 cents,
> I am a c++ programmer, and have been waiting for my isp to offer native ipv6
> for ever. I got fed up with waiting and setup a ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel. So
> once I got that done, I spent only an hour updating my socket classes to
> support ipv6. I hadent done so before because I never had ipv6 access, * I
> don't release code without testing it first *.
> It wasn't difficult to update to ipv6, only some reading was needed, don't
> know what the fuss is =D

Go test it against a dual stack remote host with the Tunnel's
addresses still configured on your hosts but packet filtering set to
silently drop packets on the IPv6 tunnel. Then work through the
implications of what you observe.

Bill Herrin

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