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William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

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> From: "Patrick W. Gilmore" <patrick at ianai.net>

> > I think if they took the cash registers too the Starbucks lawyer would
> > be in court an hour later with a motion to quash in one hand and an
> > offer of full cooperation in the other.
> And if the sky were orange....
> Any other non-sequitors? :)

> P.S. I can come up with some examples where the cash registers would
> be fair game, such as when the manager was charging the hosting
> provider extra to sit in the corner and host the 'bad content'. But it
> is still a non-sequitor w/r/t this thread.

The hell it is: cops sieze things which are not only not related to a crime, 
but cannot *possibly be* relevant to that crime *all the effing time*, Patrick.

You know this, I'm sure.

-- jra
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