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"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

On 11/28/2012 09:40 PM, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> On 2012-11-28 18:26, Michael Thomas wrote:
>> It's very presumptuous for you to tell me what my development/test
>> priorities ought to be, and I can tell you for absolute certain that any
>> such badgering will be met with rolled eyes and quick dismissal.
> You are missing the point that people have been told already for a
> decade to add IPv6 support to their products.

Programmers are routinely "told" all manner of apocalyptic things,
and that they're idiots for not heeding the soothsayers. Ho Hum.
At least Y2K had a finite stopping point. When v6 gets one of those,
maybe you'll have more luck.

>> The
>> only way that things will get fixed is if there's a perceived need to
>> fix them.
> I fully agree, but instead of waiting till the last moment you can also
> plan ahead and be ahead of the game.

Please. When there's deployment, there will be fixes. The *vast*
majority of the problem is with ISP's. This isn't even an 80-20 problem,
it's a 1% problem. All you're managing to do here is tick off developers
as if they are in any way, shape, or form responsible for the lack of
v6 deployment.

> Phone Apps btw are only something from the last few years, thus you
> can't even claim there is a 'legacy' there and "IPv6 didn't exist yet"
> arguments don't go either. Note also that most devkits (Android/IOS)
> provide IP-agnostic APIs, thus if used you at least have nothing
> IPv6-specific in that code.

Phone apps, by and large, are designed by people in homes or
small companies. They do not have v6 connectivity. Full stop.
They don't care about v6. Full stop. It's not their fault, even if
you think they should invest a significant amount of time to fix
theoretical problems.

>> The only way things are going to change is to make v6 a part of everybody's
>> day-to-day life. That means ISP's giving me and every other developer a
>> /64 at home at the very least.
> And that is happening, I hope you are ready to support those users
> because well, everybody told you it would happen, thus don't cry when
> you are too late at the game...

It sure isn't happening in Silly Valley or San Francisco that I've seen.

> (of course, some people simply do not care about the job they deliver,
> but in that case, it is also wise to not comment on a public list about
> things ;)

All your patronizing tone does is fix you for a religious zealot. You're
a dime a dozen and ignorable. Telling people they're incompetent because
they won't fix your hobby-horse theoretical problem does exactly the
opposite of what you want. Developers and the companies that employ
them react to perceived need for bugs and features. When there is a
perceived need, the bugs will be fixed. Until then, by all means rant on
while the actual problem (ISP's) do nothing.