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Google/Youtube problems

On (2012-11-18 23:47 +0100), Daniel Suchy wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing similar problems with Google/Youtube?

My advice is, host the content locally.

Certain Finnish domestic SPs had issues with youtube during peak hours for
years, when content came via Stockholm, if content came from mainland
europe or locally you were set.
Perhaps Google was (maybe still is) regularly congested in Stockholm, and
there might not be much incentive for google to add capacity everywhere
sufficiently, as they can just pressure to people to host them for free.

I'm bit curious about market position youtube has. GOOG claims youtube is
making profit, but I think this is because network is considered other BUs
cost and youtube rides on it for free (remember pre-youtube, how GOOG
micro-optimized google front-page to save on network cost, post-youtube
they rightly stopped caring and added predictive input etc.)

I can't see how anyone could compete against youtube, I don't believe the
service is anywhere near profitable (it's maybe 10% of Internet, and I
can't see revenue being 10% of Internet), if it would have to pay for the
network itself. Consequently you probably can't compete with them, as you
need to cover the costs from the profits. It is just so ubiquitous service,
that if it does not work your eyeballs will switch to network where it
does, so you will give google free capacity, which you wouldn't probably do
for others web streaming shops.