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"authority" to route?

"..for some blocks I've taken over admin for."

  Make sure you are visibly listed as a Point of Contact on those records in the appropriate RIR, so that folks who get your request can verify you.  Even better, register in your RIR's RPKI program and generate a ROA for it.  Info about ARIN's here: https://www.arin.net/resources/rpki/index.html

 Then yes, notify their upstreams/peers if needed and post here if things get really desperate - have your records in order first.  


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Is there a common practice of providers to vet / validate requests to advertise blocks?

Who is the "authority" when it comes to determining if a request for routing is valid?

Is it the WHOIS data maintained by the various RIR?

It seems I'm playing whack-a-mole to get some routes shut down for some blocks I've taken over admin for.

If I email the contacts for the AS in WHOIS, and get no response, or a negative response, should I start going to their peers?

Some practical advice would be appreciated.

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