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Dns sometimes fails using Google DNS / automatic dnssec

Jay Ford <jay-ford at uiowa.edu> wrote:

> It looks like if the server has the RRSIG RR, it returns it.  For example, a
> query with +dnssec will cause it to cache the RRSIG, after which it returns
> it even if +dnssec not specified.

It's weird. If you repeatedly query without the DO bit, you get a
mixture of responses with and without an RRSIG and with varying TTLs. With
DO it appears to consistently return an RRSIG in the answer and the TTL
drops monotonically. is similar except DO=0 replies don't include
RRSIGs. (Querying from JANET UK and hitting some servers a lethargic 12ms

while sleep 1; do dig +dnssec @ m1.mailplus.nl; done

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