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Eaton 9130 UPS feedback

On 11/13/2012 6:42 PM, Tom Morris wrote:
> Sorry to say, I've used them and had them eat themselves. They just
> die mysteriously and let out lots of smoke when they do. When they do,
> however, they leave behind a perfectly good set of batteries. I'd
> recommend looking elsewhere... Does Eaton/PowerWare still make the
> FerrUPS series? Those were *solid*.

Interesting.  So far the feedback sounds overwhelmingly negative.  Heard
some good points on Emerson (I'm assuming Liebert?).  We've had much
better luck overall with them, although a couple of incidents where they
don't care to come back online after they were drained.

We largely use the UPS to survive power glitches without dropping the
network for switch reboot times, we're not after long runs.  As such,
the occasional extended outages drain the UPS'es and there are always
the percentage of them that do not come back online and require manual

We were formerly a big TrippLite user, but they seem to be incredibly
fault-intolerant with regard to the scenario above (coming back online
after draining), and to a lesser degree, going offline after a power glitch.

Never used an Eaton that I'm aware of however.

Would be interested in other recommendations for remote / IDF / MDF
environment UPS systems to just "keep the stack up" over power glitches.