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Eaton 9130 UPS feedback

On Tuesday 13 November 2012 12:59, Seth Mattinen wrote:
> Does anyone use Eaton 9130 series UPS for anything? I'm curious how
> they've worked out for you.
> I bought a 700VA model to give it a whirl versus the traditional APC
> since the Eaton is an online type with static bypass and also does some
> high efficiency thing where it normally stays on bypass, but the first
> thing it did on the bench was have the inverter/rectifier or bypass
> section catch on fire and destroy itself.
> ~Seth

We have several 5130 and 9125 models (2kVA rackmount), never given us a 
problem in years of service... Well, one network management card that lost 
its mind, reset the configuration and went on with life, but the UPS just 
chugged along. Biggest plus has been that they don't cook their batteries 
like APCs do.